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the perfect house for the bfg

23 Oct



found on Thurloe Square in South Kensington. A cursory glance at the satellite view of Google Maps explains a fair bit – the buildings were demolished to make way for the ‘new’ underground line in the 1880s but the facades of the buildings were preserved to protect the natural beauty of Thurloe Square. Fascinating stuff!


nicolas cage losing his shit

10 Oct

cup of brown joy

8 Oct


earl grey – yes please!

assam – lovely!



the case against stock photos and racial stereotypes

4 Oct

this is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

it was written by Duke Ellington, and is played here by Ben Webster, and is mysteriously accompanied by stock photos of African-Americans.

go figure.


it’s hard to be a kid at camp

4 Oct

Britney’s Circus as you’ve never seen it before…

4 Oct

John Waters speaks endless truths

4 Oct

John Waters on BooksO

I can’t claim responsibility for this – big shout to Elissa Schappell for posting it on facebook.