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Of Men and Demons (1969 Faith&John Hubley)

21 Jul

I saw an awesome showing of a collection of Faith and John Hubley’s work curated by their daughters in honour of their father’s centenary last night at the Roxie in SF. I remain enchanted and completely bowled over by how ahead of their time the Hubley’s were, and how extraordinary their minds were.


Jean Paul Gaultier – How to do that?

6 May

Abandoned waxworks

11 Oct

So some friends of mine have taken over a massive warehouse in Bermondsey and on the ground floor, amidst a graveyard of office chairs, are some peculiar relics from the London Dungeon.

torture chair


rough night


stock exchange

savage night at the opera

god only knows

no dignity in death


Stunning timelapse of stars

15 Sep

If you’re having a rough day, or a good day, or want to feel all powerful or completely insignificant, I can’t recommend being humbled by the sky enough.

Arni and Danny – I Want to Love You Tender

2 Sep

Harry Belafonte – Zombie Jamboree

17 Jul

orbs of Paris

15 Apr