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Jesus Thinks You’re Fat

14 Mar

Abandoned waxworks

11 Oct

So some friends of mine have taken over a massive warehouse in Bermondsey and on the ground floor, amidst a graveyard of office chairs, are some peculiar relics from the London Dungeon.

torture chair


rough night


stock exchange

savage night at the opera

god only knows

no dignity in death



If you go down to the woods today…

24 Sep

I went for a walk today, down the path at the end of the lane to where the field meets the forest. I have walked this path a thousand times, so I was confused when I turned a corner and in the dying golden light of September, I saw a structure. At first I thought it was some kind of settlement, but as I drew closer, I saw that it had collapsed. There was a solid square foundation, at least 2 metres wide, and toppled against the fern-covered forest floor were ten metre high trunks. This was not just a treehouse, this was a functional eyrie. The splinters of wood were the same height as me, all shards of jagged chaos leaning against the sorry earth. Mesh wire split like industrial intestines – vulgar and ruptured, polluting this verdant sanctuary. I was aware of every sound, of every heartbeat rattling against my ribcage. What if… what if someone was in it when it fell? I sniffed the air, seeking the scent of decay. Nothing. Or nothing untoward. I peered into one of the upturned cages and realised I was holding my breath. I am relieved to find it empty. All that remains are the plastic cups, wine-rimmed and discarded. I feel as though I have seen something too private, too intimate.

©Megan Orpwood-Russell 2013

Taking a lion for a ride on the wall of death

9 Jul



Tea party with a lobster

5 Apr


Isabella Rossellini’s sexy bees

17 Mar

gruss vom krampus: valentine’s special

14 Feb

Viele gruss vom Krampus!

The deliciously frightening festive tradition (frestive?) of sending greetings from Krampus, the anti-santa, seems to have spilled into Valentine’s Day.