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Transi de René de Chalón – Ligier Richier

28 May


René de Chalón, Prince of Orange, died in battle in 1544 at the young age of 25. Perhaps a plan made together, perhaps solely the desires of his wife, René de Chalón requested that “his tomb portrait be not a standard figure, but a life size skeleton with strips of dried skin flapping over a hollow carcass, whose right hand clutches at the empty rib cage while the left hand holds high his heart in a grand gesture.” (Medrano-Cabral


the never-ending death

5 Oct

Under the Lion Crotch – No-one remains virgin

1 Sep

Keaton Henson – Small Hands

6 Jun

Not only one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard this year, but one of the most heartbreaking videos.

Dead fox in Regent’s Canal, London

13 Feb

don’t hug me I’m scared

9 Feb

Cities fit for cycling

8 Feb

The Times Cities fit for cycling