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Of Men and Demons (1969 Faith&John Hubley)

21 Jul

I saw an awesome showing of a collection of Faith and John Hubley’s work curated by their daughters in honour of their father’s centenary last night at the Roxie in SF. I remain enchanted and completely bowled over by how ahead of their time the Hubley’s were, and how extraordinary their minds were.


The Dervish Arranged for them to Meet in the Graveyard

20 May


Othon & Tomasini – Impermanence

15 Mar

Rhinoceros – Jan Lenica

26 Oct


Olaf Breuning, Peter Funch and colour

3 Aug

More to be found at http://olafbreuning.tumblr.com/

Of course, inevitably, my thoughts turn to Peter Funch and Sony Bravia. I still think this is an extraordinary advert. Again, more to be found at http://www.peterfunch.com


Here’s the ad in full:

Vinni Pukh

19 Jul

Russian Winnie the Pooh

dog disco

4 Dec