Alan Watts – Life is a Hoax

24 Oct

Of Men and Demons (1969 Faith&John Hubley)

21 Jul

I saw an awesome showing of a collection of Faith and John Hubley’s work curated by their daughters in honour of their father’s centenary last night at the Roxie in SF. I remain enchanted and completely bowled over by how ahead of their time the Hubley’s were, and how extraordinary their minds were.


Positive K – I Gotta Man

23 May

Malcolm McLaren – Operaa House

16 May


Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club

6 May


Jean Paul Gaultier – How to do that?

6 May

Jesus Thinks You’re Fat

14 Mar

George Dawes – Lesbians

12 Mar


Will Powers – Adventures in Success

14 Feb

It’s you. Only you.

Tilda Swinton in the log basket

29 Dec

Tilda Twig Swinton

I lifted the last log from the basket last night to pop on the fire, and saw Tilda Swinton’s beautiful face glowing back at me.

© Megan Orpwood-Russell